Thursday, October 20, 2011


These are the core values of the United States Marine Corps.

These are the characteristics of Corporal Milan N. Franklin.

Corporal Milan Franklin recently deployed for his second tour of duty to the Sangin area of the Helmand Province of Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom where he was serving as leader to a squad of 10 Marines and a Navy Corpsman.  While en route back to their forward operating base (FOB) from their night operation post (NOP), he and his comrades encountered an undetected improvised explosive device (IED).  Milan was severely injured from the explosion and, as a result, experienced the amputation of his right leg above the knee, his left leg below the knee, and the ring and pinky finger of his right hand at the palm.

Thanks to dedicated, rigorous, and disciplined training, his Corpsman, in spite of his own wounds and with the help of other members of the squad, executed with precision and accuracy the necessary medical procedures to immediately save Milan's life.  With secure assistance from their FOB, Milan was quickly evacuated from the area and returned to the base.  Milan is currently being treated for his injuries in Germany.

Milan is a 2007 graduate of Steilacoom High School in Washington state and the tenth and youngest child of a family filled with strong-willed personalities.  As a member of a large family, Milan developed a strong determination to establish his unique individuality.  His rock-solid determination propelled him on the search for a profession  that allowed him the opportunity to truly make a difference.  In 2008, Milan found this purpose and enlisted in the Marines.  He courageously fought for his country in his first tour of duty to Afghanistan in 2010 and upon his return was meritoriously promoted to Corporal.  More recently, he was recommended for meritorious promotion to Sergeant.

Milan is a man of determination, integrity, and selfless commitment to his beliefs, his country, his squad, his family, and his friends.  Because he strives for the best in himself, he expects the best of everyone he encounters.  He recognizes the potential in himself and is relentless in his efforts to encourage and support the potential in others.
Corporal Milan Franklin -- We honor your dedication and commitment to your brothers- and sisters-in-arms and your country.  You are our son, our brother, our friend, and one of your country's finest.  In short, you are our HERO.  We await in joyful anticipation your arrival home.

To all the visitors of this site -- Corporal Milan Franklin has a long road ahead of him and his recovery won't be without its struggles, but wouldn't it be great if we could share with him our support and love to aide him in his recovery?  If you feel so inclined, please leave a comment for him below.  If you wish to provide a donation to support him and all our brave service men and women, links have been provided to the right.